All My Friends Are Robots

The 84th Mood481 release, All My Friends Are Robots, is minimal glitchtronica, delicately assembled using wires, sockets, knobs, and an iPhone. This track was released as part of FAWM on 2/26/16.

Includes samples from Borejko’s Initial Extractions.

I was discussing TD [Tangerine Dream] with another fawmer and this piece sounds like you’ve taken that genre 45 years into the future.

– Wolf Kier


Vivid is a long, glitchy, evolving mess of electronically processed junkyard guitar, deconstructed and recompiled at Studio 7 in 2016. The piece was generated using the same custom drone guitar that appears on VVT, an iRig, and an iPad Pro. The apps I used were AUM (beta), AudioShare, the AUFX Suite, iDensity, FLUX:FX, Dedalus, WOW Filterbox, Effectrix, Turnado, and Patterning.

Don’t let the beginning rhythm fool you, as the track breaks down and gets more ambient and experimental as it moves along.

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Happy Valentines day to me. 🙂 #guitar #art

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Squelch happened 3 years ago today, when I was living in an over-priced studio apartment in the University District. Composed of glitched ghosts and pixelated pipers, this performance was tweaked and squeeked into existence using a combination of modular synth gear, a Radioshack cassette recorder, and a handful of iPad apps.