The Next

Following Disorder by just a few days, The Next was the 39th Mood481 album, originally released on 2/24/15 as part of February Album Writing Month. This concept album presents an alternate singularity theory in which scientists develop sentient hybrids intended for implant into human hosts. It has a sequel album, Hybrid.

Like the score to a non-existent film, The Next is dark, ambient, and cinematic, with a touch of the biomechanical. The robotic spoken word on “Olland’s Song” was provided by Olland Tippin.


Inside the claustrophobic space of a fractured mind 
Memories and delusions intertwining 
Combining the external and internal 
Eternally blending and swirling 
Spilling and filling nonexistent voids 
Spaces between treacherous thoughts, feelings and faces 
Both real and unreal dancing, embracing 
Chasing dreams through nightmares and blank stares and who cares… 
Do you?

Originally released 4 years ago today, Disorder is a glitchy, atmospheric, durational piece weighing in at almost 42 minutes. It was composed and produced on a couple of iPads and features some spoken content synthesized from Wikipedia content.

The cover art includes source art from Wikipedia Commons, and is the first Mood481 cover to feature the custom “Struct” font used on 8 other releases in 2015.