The Suns of Serpo

Originally released on February 18th, 2013, The Suns of Serpo was the second Mood481 album. This 14 track collection is part of the Serpo Trilogy of albums (along with First Contact and The Village Astronaut), and is a component of a larger yet-to-be-finished transmedia project entitled The Singularity Solution. Both this album and the The Village Astronaut were completed as part of FAWM 2013. The title track (actually track number 9 on the album) also appears on Vita, the Mood481 retrospective curated by Borejko from the first 49 Mood481 albums.

The basis of the concept is a collection of disclosures about a top secret alien exchange program that was originally documented and presented as fact on the website. The music itself could easily be categorized as “space ambient”.

Technically speaking, the tracks of this album were composed, improvised and produced completely on iPads. The Nodebeat HD app was used as the primary controller and was largely responsible for the continually evolving rhythmic style of many of the tracks. The now extinct SpaceWiz app by Jordan Rudess was also used heavily for physics-based generative control of the instruments, and for its own brilliant spacey sounds.

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