The Top 5 Quotes from Drone, Glitch and Noise

One of the coolest unexpected side effects of publishing my books on Kindle has been the ability to look through my own writing and see which passages are regularly highlighted by readers. It’s rewarding in itself to see that something I’ve written has been deemed worthy of bookmarking or highlighting, but it also offers me tremendous insight into what is important and meaningful to my audience as I ponder what to write next.

Here are the top 5 most highlighted quotes from my first book, Drone, Glitch and Noise:

The point is, question everything, hold nothing sacred, and make your own rules.

If you stumble upon an exciting new realm of sonic awesomeness, make sure you know how you got there, and how to get back.

Deadlines provide a pressure to commit to putting in the effort now instead of later (or never).

For experimental artists, the goal is often quite different. While the process of creating still ends with a finished work of some sort, the end result is generally unknown.

Keep those things; label them, tag them, and put them in a folder somewhere.

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